Monday 17 May 2021

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ZAR 85 Sport Luxury

The new model ZAR 85 SL is the flagship of the Sport Luxury Line, which already includes the ZAR 49 SL and ZAR 59. The high performance together with a futuristic and eye-catching design of the deck, make the ZAR 85 SL trendy, ideal for lovers of style and, dare we say, glamour. The sports-oriented and ergonomic design make ZAR 85 SL perfectly suited to being a tender for a yacht, or as an independent boat.
This has been developed from the consolidated structure of the ZAR 87 which hosts an internal toilet cabin where you can comfortably stand. The same hull is perfectly adapted for the sporting concept, in line with the Sport Luxury series. This new ZAR 85 SL, has a console which can be transformed into a double bed with space underneath to fit a toilet.

Technical data

Length: 8.50mt
Width: 3.20mt
Tubular diameter: 0.60mt
Watertight compartments: n.6
Seating capacity: n.12 (to be confirmed)
Net dinghy weight: 1600kg (to be confirmed)
Min.power: 250cv
Power recommended: 300/400cv
Max. power: 500cv
Engine shaft lenght: XL(2 engimes) –XXL (1 engime)
CE certification with “B” design category



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